Business Blogging 101 – Four Fatal Errors To Avoid When Authoring Your Business Blog

So you have started to author a business blog – fantastic. But perhaps you are wondering when you will start to realize the success that you expected from business blogging to build your reputation and your personal brand on-line and to help you in generating more leads and more clients?

Here are four fatal errors that many authors of business blogs make. Why not evaluate your blog against these mistakes other business bloggers make so that you can avoid them.

1. Not making it easy to contact you – all too often I see business blogs which do not have the company’s contact details including their phone number and email address listed on them. Yes you may want to avoid spam, but if you are hoping that prospective clients, reporters and event organisers will contact you about the great articles you have written and to find out more about your products and services, please make it easy for them to contact you.

2. Not making it easy for readers to subscribe to your business blog – you no doubt have heard about RSS feeds so that people can automatically subscribe to your business blog. But did you realise that the majority of the public still do not know what RSS is or how to use a feed reader? And even if they do, the likelihood is that when they are pushed for time, the subscribers to your business blog are likely to forget to check their feed readers. The answer is therefore to add a means for people to subscribe to your blog by leaving their name and email address. I can guarantee that if you do this you will increase subscribers and the number of people regularly reading of your business blog posts.

3. Not leaving comments open – one of the questions I always get asked is whether comments should be left open and in fact many people are a little concerned about leaving comments open on their business blog. My answer is always yes leave your comments open. You can turn on a feature that means that you can review all comments before they get posted to your business blog and therefore choose whether to post the comment or not. Secondly, remember that leaving comments open is also enabling the people reading your blog to engage in the conversation and that’s a key reason to author a business blog – to build a community around your brand.

4. Not creating foundation posts – over time, you will have written hundreds of articles and blog posts and your blog will contain valuable real estate that will be relevant for your clients and potential clients. However, as your business blog develops, those posts may never see the light of day again. Therefore I recommend that you establish a quick link to your foundation posts. These may not necessarily be the blog posts that have the most comments associated with them. They should be the blog posts that provide immense value to your readers because of the tips and strategies you cover in the blog articles.

Why not update your business blog today so you don’t make these mistakes and you will be well on the way to building a compelling brand on-line so you attract more leads and more clients.

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